Water's Edge Christian Services

Water's Edge Christian services is a new initiative of New Beginnings Church of God to help provide much needed services and support to families.

We join with Families in their Journey to create new beginnings. We believe in growth, generosity, and authenticity.

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We offer services in advocacy for Mental Health, Education, Behavior, and Social.  We also provide specific trainings using evidence based, and trauma sensitive resources

Areas in which you may use an advocate

Mental Health - Navigating the mental health system for yourself or a family member. Attending meetings regarding mental health services and specialists.

Educational - Navigating the educational system for your child. Attending educational meetings with teachers or professionals with the family. Attending meetings for Individual Education Plans (IEP).

Behavioral - Positive behavior support plan. Outside behavioral resources. Behavioral management.

Social - Development of social skills and experiences. Creating natural social supports. Assisting in finding support through community agencies and resources.


We are always looking for new families to partner with. Let's connect.