We believe the body of Christ is incomplete without the gifts of all. Our goal is to create a space where children of all needs and abilities join together to display the works of God.


At New Beginnings, we believe all children are loved and valued by our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Every child has a place to belong here at New Beginnings.  We believe all children should have friends and every child in our ministry program should have a teacher or leader who cares. 


Whosoever Ministries is intended to help children with special needs and circumstances and their families to experience love and acceptance during worship, class, and fellowship at New Beginnings. This ministry is currently only available at our Meadville Campus. 


*Create a culture of learning to facilitate the spiritual awareness and growth of every child.

*Provide a place for families and children to experience acceptance and belonging.

*Provide safe and secure respite for the families in our church and the community at large.

*Adequately train teachers and volunteers.

*Grant the whole family a suitable place of worship.

*Build a community of support for the whole family.


*Discipline issues                                *ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

*ADD/ADHD                                         *Speech delays

*Physical impairments                       *Neurological disorders

*Developmental delays                      *Emotional issues

*Cognitive impairments                     *Learning disabilities

*Adoptive and Foster families           *Trauma

*Anxiety and Depression


Sensory Room

A sensory room is located in room 114.  This room has multiple activities available to your child. If you would like to utilize this room, please contact Pastor Angie. Anyone age 18 or older needs to have clearances to access this area. 

Respite Care Event

A free Respite Event is provided once a month for 2.5 hours for families who have children with special physical, intellectual, behavioral, emotional needs or special circumstances such as foster or adoptive families.  All ages are welcome, along with their siblings. Each guest is paired up with a buddy for the night and enjoys an evening of gluten free, casein free snacks, appropriate games, crafts and fun. Parents enjoy a night off and we get a chance to love on your child. Pre-registration is required.